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Oladipo ABIALA alias JAH BABA is a singer and a Beninese sound engineer, he is of kigerian origin as well. Born at pobè in Benin East Africa)I the artist first  inherited his musical background from his late granny and then from his beloved father. Of this musical heritage, Jah BABA remained highly attached to his culture and  ancestral roots that his loving grandmother upheld so dearly. His coming into the  musical world is not by a mere chance. This is mainly due to the legacy he received. He is twenty years of musical carrier full of experiences on his account.

JAH BABA’s music is a mixture of Afro-jazz and Afro-gospel like his father does.  In the footsteps of his parents, the Benin jazzman draws its inspiration from the  cultural values of his country. Dearly rooted in tradition, he devotes a special place  to Africanism in his music. Thus we read in his latest album a mixture of Africanism, gospel, jazz and world music. An album of fourteen under whose key title is Arise (arise means it is time that Africa is growing). Having already an album in his musical repertoire, he had put the whole public  into thrill on pundayI April O4I O0NN baster aay for the launch of his first album  in Hall des Art at Cotonou Benin. JAH BABA is part of those Beninese musicians who blends Afro-jazz and gospel. As an instrumentalist, he mixes tradition and modernity. His habit of playing percussion (batta and gangan) he also demonstrates  this commitment to the tradition which include the Oro and Guèlèdè and which is particularly played in his native region and where he mostly draws typical singularity of his inspiration.

As an artist, JAH BABA has an ambition to popularize his works through his  continent in particular and the world in general. This opus is worth having for its  rhythm: jazz mixed with gospel for JAH Baba is inviting us to discover the artistic  talent that is embedded in him as a musician who is of a true mixture of Benin and Nigeria origins.

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Born March 23, 1987 from a meeting between two families from Porto-Novo in Benin, Koudwath FAGBEMI Jeronim Audé, aka Koudy FAGBEMI is a percussionist, author, composer and interpreter. She explores many musical styles, especially the tradi-jazz, blues, soul and rock which she merges with traditional African music. Passionate, she does not hesitate to combine modern and traditional instruments to create a unique and resolutely contemporary universe on the border between folk and voodoo rhythms. The artist loves music and she claims it. Her compositions made of unique sounds are the result of varied influences by Tracy Chapman, SAGBOHAN Danialou, Mariam Makeba not excluding Lokua Kanza, Fredy MASSAMBA, and Ayo. If music is a universal language, her texts also are  since she sings in Yoruba, fon, goun, english and french while grouping the endogenous rhythms from North to South and west to east Benin.

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